Anita & Krzysiek

Boho-glam magenta
Is it possible to blend boho and glam styles into one? I think we succeeded. Although the bride and groom went to the wedding in sneakers, they still dreamed of glam elements in the venue, but in a more relaxed form. We achieved this by combining sequined tablecloths, glittery accents with elaborate low and high arrangements. The focal point in the room was the newlyweds' table. Additionally, there was a beloved pavlova cake for the bride and a surprise fireworks display for Anita's birthday, which she celebrated on the wedding day.

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In December, the engagement; in June, 6 months later: the WEDDING. The idea seemed crazy, almost unreal.

January passed, February went by, and we still had absolutely NOTHING. That’s when we made the decision to start working with Wedding Planner Kinga Białk. It was the best decision we could have made! Thanks to her assistance, full commitment, and professional approach, the wedding exceeded our wildest expectations – it was literally like a FAIRY TALE. We never heard that something “couldn’t be done”; every time, we were met with enthusiasm, smiles, and kindness – Kinga is the right person in the right position. Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, and we highly recommend her!

Anita & Krzysiek

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