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Why choose to collaborate with me when there are numerous wedding consultants available in the market?

It might come as a surprise, but I have a background in law. Common sense led me to choose a specific profession, guiding me towards law studies in Poznan and it was only later that I discovered my true passion lay in organizing events.

After devoting five years to the intricacies of codes of law, I quickly realized that the legal world was not my calling. I made the decision to move to Warsaw to pursue my passion in an event agency, and that’s how it all started…

Experience from many industries

I have acquired extensive experience collaborating with caterers, event venues, and stage designers, promoting a diverse range of brands including alcohol, fashion, and real estate.

I am well-acquainted with the intricacies of event production and understand what details require careful attention behind the scenes.

Throughout my career, I have successfully negotiated hundreds of contracts with subcontractors, a task made somewhat more straightforward due to my professional background. Technical challenges are no stranger to me, having effectively coordinated with individuals responsible for sound, lighting, and stage design.

Trust me, the countless hours invested in planning and editing are a testament to my commitment to delivering high-quality events.

I later worked in the marketing department of a luxury automotive brand

where I was tasked with overseeing various types of events. During this time, I gained insights into the art of “enhancing customer experiences,” where meticulous attention to every organizational detail proved crucial. Through my role in supervising an event agency,

I had the opportunity to shift my focus towards conceptual thinking, ultimately reducing the time spent on detailed editing. This position prompted me to further educate myself on luxury products and the intricacies of providing top-notch hospitality to guests. Additionally, I took the opportunity to learn how to play golf.

For various reasons, I relocated from Warsaw to the Polish seaside…

Currently, I manage both professional and personal matters in this area. Depending on the event’s location, I often travel to Poznań and Warsaw. These two cities, along with the Tri-City and its surroundings, are the most convenient for me in terms of organizing weddings and receptions. However, if you prefer a wedding in a different region of Poland or even abroad, that is also possible.

For over 6 years, my primary focus has been on organizing weddings, predominantly international affairs…

as well as stunning Polish weddings that unfold across various locations in Poland.

In orchestrating weddings, my foremost priority is to attentively listen to you—your ideas, your emotions. Although there are many proficient organizers, I believe that empathy is an inherent quality. I guarantee your well-being by alleviating the burdens of time-consuming tasks, such as sourcing subcontractors and managing various preparations.

The paramount goal is for you to sense that you are in capable hands, enjoying genuine peace of mind, and crafting beautiful memories.

Every detail will be meticulously handled by me, your Wedding Planner – Kinga Białk and my invaluable team.


How do the couples I helped on their day perceive working with me?

Everything worked out, absolutely everything. To all future young couples: book Kinga while she is still available!!!


I recommend Kinga with all my heart and my husband and our son and all our Polish and German guests ♥️♥️


If it weren't for Kinga, I don't know what our wedding would look like. We didn't even realize how many topics there were to cover and how many we wouldn't even think about.


It was great, everyone had a great time. Thank you.


I recommend Kinga with all my heart! Amazing experience and commitment, as if she were organizing her own wedding.


Punctuality, professionalism, full motivation, and the ability to quickly solve problems are the hallmarks of working with Ms. Kinga.

Robert Schulze Country Manager Poland Zalando SE

If there is a wedding, only with Kinga. Great communication, full professionalism, great empathy and very useful advice.


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