Wedding invitations – all you need to know before you start inviting guests

January 15, 2020

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Wedding invitations are for many the key element of the event.

Besides the crucial information about when and where the wedding and the reception are taking place, the invitation may also hint at the theme and the colour scheme of the wedding chosen by the Bride and Groom.

There is a wide selection of wedding invitations in Poland, from printed to acrylic ones, but where do you start?

Theme and colour scheme

Invitations are a great way to announce your theme. You select them only after you’ve chosen the venue and specified the basic elements of the wedding. You shouldn’t reveal everything to your guests, obviously – surprise them.

When it comes to invitations templates, possibilities are endless, both in terms of the colour scheme (from elegant beige to wild pink) and themes (flowers, gold, marble). If your theme is not set yet, your invitation can just as well show your characters and your passions.

Another thing to consider is the material. Should it be traditional, elegant paper in an envelope or would you like to be a bit more extravagant and go with something more modern?  Invitations wrapped in carbon paper with a wax seal are gaining popularity now, as they are a very elegant choice. 

If you’re more inclined towards a zero waste wedding, it is worth considering recycled paper.  If you’re going all in with the zero waste approach, you can send out online invitations, even though it breaches traditional wedding etiquette. You have the right to not worry about that for the sake of the environment. Still, you mustn’t forget about the older guests who are not so computer-savvy and would need an invitation on paper.

What should be included in a wedding invitation?

The date and place of both the wedding and the reception are of course a must. You need to decide if the invitation is going to say that it’s only you inviting the guests, or your parents as well. Traditionally, parents have been included on invitations, since they usually covered a large share of the wedding costs, especially when the Bride and Groom were very young. Currently, since most couples decide to pay for the wedding themselves, more and more often only their names are given in invitations. Parents may also be mentioned in an invitation if they are inviting their own guests or it’s a way for you to honour them.

The decision is up to you, we prefer the Bride and Groom inviting the guests, since it’s their special day.

It is also worth including the following information:

RSVP date with a telephone number.

Whether you prefer flowers or a different gift – wine, charity donations, books.

Whether you prefer traditional gifts or a cash gift.

You shouldn’t plainly say that you want cash. Icons that elegantly convey the message are a great solution. You should definitely avoid rhymes that sound childish.

Whether there will be accommodation for guests.

It is also worth including a request for information on allergies and food preferences to avoid situations where vegetarians go hungry, because the main course is duck.

How do you word invitations?

The most elegant way of wording invitations is still by name. If your handwriting is poor, it is worth considering a calligrapher. If your budget does not allow for one, companies printing out invitations may also customise them.

Always start with the first and last name (or only the first name) of the female guest, followed by the male guest. Even if the woman is accompanying the man you’re inviting, she should still be listed first in the invitation. If children are invited as well, write the children’s names after the parents’ names or just write “with children”.

If you don’t know yet whom the guest is taking to the wedding, write “plus one”. It’s important to learn the name of the plus-one before the wedding, though, since a “plus one” card on a table is a huge faux pas.

When do you send out invitations?

Invitations should be sent out 6 to 8 weeks before the event. If the wedding is taking place during vacations or a long weekend, it is worth sending them out earlier, even up to three months before the wedding. If your wedding is very soon, i.e. in 3-4 months, it’s worth sending a “save the date” (in the form of an MMS, for example), before the invitations are printed out, so that you make sure your guests are not planning anything for that day.

Does everyone have to be invited in person?

It is traditional for invitations to be handed out in person at least to the closest family – parents, grandparents, godparents, siblings. If possible, you should try to visit your guests and hand out as many invitations in person as possible, having first announced yourself. If you don’t have the time or it’s simply impossible, then by all means send out the invites by mail.

It’s time to get started!