Kinga Białk from weselnesprawy weddings is a highly professional wedding planner.

From the first day on, working with Kinga on my wedding was not only of high quality, but also super nice and pleasant. For us, the wedding day was a dream come true and no one would have taken care of it like you did Kinga. Thank you so much for your quality. I know I was being demanding and very thorough, but you just handled everything amazingly. And the fact that you adjusted your dress to match the color of my decoration, was just top of the notch. In Germany we say it was “the cherry on top of the cake” 


We don’t know what we would do without Kinga. She managed everything in a way, that we didn’t 

have to worry about anything and she would often surprise us with new creative ideas. Everything 

was perfect and her presence during our reception helped us to enjoy a stress-free wedding. We could 

really feel her support and felt like she was managing all the areas at a time.


It was an amazing day. Everybody had a wonderful time, thank you.

Zalando Pop-up Store

I am pleased to recommend cooperation with Mrs. Kinga. In November 2014, thanks to the cooperation with and Mrs. Kinga, Zalando Pop Up Store was established in Złote Tarasy Shopping Centre in Warsaw. Several months of hard work were rewarded with great success. Mrs. Kinga is reliable, keeps the deadlines and is able to organize everything that the client asks for. She is not afraid of tight deadlines, she can always remain calm and ends up complying with all the expectations. Punctuality, professionalism, full motivation, and the ability to quickly solve problems are the differentiating features of her work. We will be happy to cooperate on the next project.

Robert Schulze 
Country Manager Polska Zalando SE