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January 15, 2020

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Why would you choose to work with me when there are so many wedding planners on the market today?

It may surprise you, but I have a degree in law. Was it Ally McBeal or plain common sense to have a profession that made me choose to study law in Poznań, although I was always interested in event planning?

After 5 years of hard work on Codes I found that it wasn’t my cup of tea and I moved to Warsaw to work at an event agency and that’s how it all started.

I’ve gained experience working with catering companies, event venues, scenographers, promoting alcohol, fashion, developer and other brands. I know the event backstage perfectly well and I know what to keep an eye out for. I’ve signed hundreds of contracts with suppliers which my law background made easier. I know perfectly well what is important when booking a venue, a band, a master of ceremony or a catering company. I’ve also worked with graphic designers when preparing various printed materials and 3D models of zones/venues. I’m no stranger to technical issues connected with sound, light or scenography. Believe me when I say that the number of hours spent on planning and installations is beyond counting.

Then I’ve worked in the marketing department of a luxury automotive brand where I was responsible for various types of events. I’ve learnt the “client pampering” techniques and even the smallest detail was of great importance. When I was supervising an event agency I could focus more on conceptual work and spend less time on installations. This job allowed me to learn more about luxury products and top-notch treatment of clients. I’ve also learnt how to play golf.

For many reasons I’ve moved from Warsaw to the Polish coast and this is where I’m based now, both privately and professionally, although depending on the event location I often visit Poznań and Warsaw, because those two places are the ones that are closest to me when it comes to events, apart from the Tri-city area.

There are many providers on the market calling themselves wedding planners after just a weekend course. Many of them probably have great organisational skills, however, you cannot gain experience during a few day course. My many years of experience in event planning allow me to plan your Special Day from start to finish with no elements of the scenario getting out of hand. The most important thing is for you to spend time with your loved ones, not having to worry whether everything is going according to plan. Me, Kinga Białk – your Wedding Planner – and my team will take care of everything for you.